Do you want to implement a project and are looking for an international consortium? Submit it through the form available, and we will find the most suitable project partners for you. Details in the section entitled “Find a partner for a project”

Do you want to discuss an idea and decide whether there is a possibility of its co-financing with EU funds? Please come to a meeting. Details in the section entitled “I have an idea for a project”

Do you want to receive offers from foreign entities inviting you to participate in international projects under preparation? You will find the details in the section entitled “Join the database of entities interested in international co-operation”.

Find a partner for a project

To help you find partners for an international project, below you will find a form that constitutes a brief description of the planned undertaking. If you have a specific idea for a project and you need support in setting up a consortium, fill in all the fields of the attached form.

Download – the form – click!

Send the completed form to the following address:

Your proposal will be forwarded to entities from other European regions meeting the criteria you indicate.

I have an idea for a project

Please contact international project experts with whom you can discuss your idea for the project individually, where you can obtain advice how to fill in the application for financing correctly, find a suitable, recognized partner institution from other EU states, talk about the implementation of a project that has already been accepted or about the general rules for financing projects.


You can discuss with a regional consultant your idea for a project, find out about the possibilities and rules for its financing.

The consultant will also offer you advice concerning the proper completion of the application for financing, or the rules for project financing, and will help you to register with the EU_LOGIN system (formerly European Commission Authentication Service – ECAS) and the Participant’s Portal and the URF system (Unique Registration Facility) in order to be granted an identification registration number – PIC (Personal Identification Code) required for registration.

Download and fill in the form – click!

Send the completed form to the following address:

Join the database of people interested in international co-operation

Our wide co-operation with foreign entities, mainly represented by European regions, means that we systematically receive partners’ offers. These are invitations both to join existing consortia and to participate in the development of a common international project.

The task of the International Projects Division is to link potential project partners and assist them in the preparation of an application for financing.

For that purpose, on an ongoing basis, we update our database of entities from the Łódź Region interested in international co-operation.

If you want to receive offers from us concerning international projects, fill in the form.

Download the form – click!

Send the completed form to the following address:

Information meetings

One of the activities also offered by the Office is the organization of information meetings. Consultants will organize open information meetings; they will tell you about the objectives and priorities of various international projects, about the structure of individual projects, the quality criteria of application evaluation, the rules and cycle of project implementation and the rules for project financing. Moreover, they will explain the technical issues connected with completing forms, the operation of the URF and EU_LOGIN systems, and the international project forms.