Lodzkie in Brussels– promoting Lodzkie business

Project objective

Increase of international economic ranking of the Łódź Region through the building of a co-operation network with entities from other European regions and the establishment of a space in Brussels for meetings of pioneers and innovators from different fields and sectors.

Specific objective

Raising awareness of entities from the region regarding conditions and possible effects of conducting promotion of products and services, as well as business activity in Benelux countries, thanks to the establishment and day-to-day operation of the Investor Support Point and the establishment of partnerships in the region for international co-operation, increase of export and winning new markets.


The project was awarded financing under the Regional Operational Programme of the Łódź Region for 2014-2020 Measure II.2 Internationalization of enterprises, sub-measure II.2.2. Economic promotion of the region
The project value amounts to: PLN 1,000,000.00
Value financed by EU: PLN 850,000.00


Under the project, an Investor Support Point was launched in Łódź and directly in Brussels – [read more…]

Moreover, activities are conducted in co-operation with:

The Department of Promotion of Trade and Investments of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Brussels Chambers of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg (e.g. VOKA, BEPOLUX, Polish – Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, etc.) entities operating in Brussels and the Łódź Region

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